10 People That Fell In Love With Convicted Murderers

Who smuggled a convicted murderer out of prison in a dog cage? Who attempted a copycat murder to try getting a serial killer off the hook? Here are 10 convicted murderers and the people that fell in love with them.

10 Toby Young

Toby Young

Toby Young was running a service in which she brought dog training to prison inmates. The point of the program was to have the inmates care for the animals as a way to help them show some empathy. It kinda backfired when Young met convicted murderer John Manard and instead started showing empathy for HIM. Young left her husband and two children behind, and smuggled Manard out of prison in one of the dog cages. She took him to a secluded log cabin with some cash, a few books, a Playstation, and a BUNCH of sex toys. The police tracked them down a few weeks later and sent them both back to prison.

9 Carole Ann Boone

Carole Ann Boone

Carole Ann Boone met Ted Bundy when he was being tried in Florida for a chain of serial murders. She continued to plead his innocence even after three guilty verdicts, and actually married him in the courtroom just before he was sentenced to death. Boone remained married to Bundy for six years, and even had a child with him. Eventually, she came to her senses and realized he was guilty, at which point she divorced him and moved far away.

8 Rosalie Martinez

Rosalie Martinez

Oscar Ray Bolin, Jr. was on trial for the rape and murder of three women in Tampa, Florida. Rosalie Martinez was his public defender. Let’s just say she got a bit too close to her work. Martinez left her husband and four children behind to marry Bolin, and more than 20 years later, they remain married and she continues to work on proving his innocence.

7 Marie Cachet

Marie Cachet

Varg Vikernes was a Norwegian black metal musician convincted of murdering a guitarist from another band. He was also found to have burned down a few churches. But Marie Cachet didn’t mind. The French national married and had a daughter with him. She was even arrested with him in 2013 for her suspected involvement in hatching a far-right wing terrorist plot.

6 Anna Eriksson and Rebecca Sneed

Anna Eriksson and Rebecca Sneed

The Menendez Brothers, Lyle and Erik, were the subjects of one of the most famous trials in television history. The brothers murdered their parents via shotgun after years of abuse, and were sentenced to life in prison without parole. But Lyle has had no trouble attracting women. Anna Erikkson, a former model and salon receptionist, sent him letters, and eventually married him. That marriage was short-lived, though, when she found Lyle was also sending letters to another woman. That would be Rebecca Snead, whom he has remained married to since.

5 Christine Kizuka

Christine Kizuka

Angelo Buono Jr. was one of the “Hillside Stranglers,” a pair of cousins who committed a series of kidnappings, rapes, and murders on at least nine women. Despite the grisly details of the case, Christine Kizuka, a mother of three, found herself drawn to him. She was visiting her first husband… who was ALSO in prison. Not much is known about the circumstances, as she has avoided any media attention about her relationship, but they remained married until his death.

4 Doreen Lioy

Doreen Lioy

Richard Ramirez’s serial killer name makes him also sound like one of the X-Men. He was the “Night Stalker,” responsible for 13 murders and 11 sexual assaults. Like so many others, Ramirez’s celebrity status drew him piles of love letters from omen who swore he was innocent. Doreen Lioy sent 75 letters over the course of 11 years, and finally married him in 1996. As far as we know, they remained married until his death in 2013. But Ramirez stopped taking visitors of any kind after 2010.

3 Donald Lee Laisure and James Whitehouse

Donald Lee Laisure and James Whitehouse

Susan Atkins was better known as “Sexy Sadie” within the Manson Family. She was involved in eight of the killings orchestrated by Charles Manson. That earned her a bunch of notoriety, and the attention of Donald Lee Laisure. Laisure, who preferred to spell his last name with a dollar sign, married Atkins, making her his 35th wife. Yes, you read that correctly. 35th. In a twist nobody saw coming, Laisure divorced Atkins about a year later to marry someone else. Atkins also re-married, to James Whitehouse, a Harvard Law grad 15 years younger than her. They remained married for 22 years until her death in 2009.

2 Darcie Brudos

Darcie Brudos

Darcie Brudos is a bit different from the others on this list. Her husband wasn’t a killer when they met he was just… unusual. Darcie found this out as a 17-year-old bride, as she was asked to do housework completely naked except for a pair of high heels. While her husband took pictures of her. That’s definitely weird, but not enough to tip her off to murderous tendencies. But then girls started disappearing from the neighborhood. And then a strange smell started coming from the garage she wasn’t allowed to go into. That garage contained Jerry’s “trophies,” including the amputated left foot of his first victim, and a pair of amputated breasts he used as paperweights. As the evidence piled up, poor Darcie never suspected a thing, even after he was arrested.

1 Veronica Compton and Shirlee Joyce Book

Veronica Compton and Shirlee Joyce Book

Kenneth Bianchi was the OTHER “Hillside Strangler.” And Veronica Compton wanted to make sure nobody knew it. Compton didn’t just admire Bianchi. She actually tried to strangle a woman in cold blood to make it look like the “Hillside Strangler” was still on the loose after Bianchi and his cousin were imprisoned. But despite that reckless display of devotion, Bianchi didn’t marry Compton. He married his pen pal, Shirlee Joyce Book. Book, it seems, just had a thing for serial killers. She tried to grab the attention of Ted Bundy first, before moving on to Bianchi.

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