10 Unusual Hotels You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

From an actual magic mountain, to becoming a cool artist, we count 10 of the most unusual hotels ever.

10 Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain Hotel

In the hills of Patagonia, a lord of the rings style hotel is waiting to pamper you silly. The Magic Mountain Lodge is a 13 bedroom hotel nestled away on a 600 square kilometre nature park. The owner is dedicated to helping local preservation and built the lodge as an eco-friendly tourist destination. Guests can peer out their accommodation window and hear the sound of their own personal waterfall, which sprays from the roof of the building. After enjoying the ski slopes of the local Huilo-Huilo reserve, guests of Magic Mountain can treat themselves to a relaxing hot tub carved out of a tree trunk.

9 Hamster

Hamster Hotel

If you’ve ever looked at a pet hamster and thought, you luxurious pampered bastard, then you’ll be thrilled to hear you can now live like a hamster. A hotel in France offers the experience to enjoy all the comforts of living like a small rodent. On arrival at La Villa Hamster, guests are offered a hamster mask to wear and taken to their cage, I mean room. They have access to a coffee machine, hay to lie on, and a human sized running wheel. And in case you want to take notes from a real critter, there is an actual hamster enclosure to enjoy.

8 Das Park

Das Park Hotel

‘Sleeping in a drainpipe’ are not words you would ordinarily want to hear, unless you’re in Austria. This is DasParkHotel, where your room is literally a refurbished sewer pipe. Each individual pipe boasts a double bed, storage room, light and power. Your pipe is lockable during your stay with a door code. Facilities like showers, toilets and a café can be accessed in the surrounding local public space. Although it is recommended that you book your stay in advance, the hotel operates a ‘pay as you wish’ system. Meaning that guests pay what they feel the accommodation is worth.

7 Deep Sea

Deep Sea Hotel

If hamster wheels or drainpipes aren’t really the luxury you’re looking for, maybe this hotel in Fiji will tickle your fancy. The Poseidon Undersea Resort is a 1000 foot long submersible paradise. The resort operates partly from the ground, and partly under the sea. Each bedroom chamber has a stunning view of the sea, and if you feel like going exploring, guests can sip cocktails while riding the resort’s luxury submarine. Your options for activities in the resort don’t stop on land either: tennis courts, spa treatments and meditation under the stars are also offered to Poseidon guests.

6 Dog Gone

Dog Gone Hotel

When two artists get married, they don’t just live in a normal house like normal people. Dennis J. Sullivan and Frances Conklin, married artists based in Idaho, built themselves a very quirky place to sleep. The Dog Bark Park Inn is a bed and breakfast like no other. The main building is a gigantic dog, named Sweet Willy. Guests can rent the whole dog for about $100 per night. The surrounding garden is full of the artists’ sculptures and even includes a 12-foot fire hydrant that functions as a toilet. Pet dogs are also welcome to sleep in the dog hotel, provided they pay an extra $15.

5 Jungle Jet

Jungle Jet Hotel

When want a hotel with a view of the jungle, AND a view of the ocean, AND you want to sleep in a jumbo jet, Cost Verde has you covered. This hotel in Costa Rica offers a two-bedroom luxury guestroom that happens to be inside a refurbished 1965 Boeing 727. The plane sits atop 50 foot tall structural supports and the interior is decked out in local Costa Rican teak. Relax on the patios on the plane’s wings, or check out the hotel’s restaurant, El Avion. Which also happens to  yoube inside a C-123 Fairchild cargo plane.

4 Kids’ Happy Place

Hotel Parchi del Garda

Italians know exactly how to be perfectly hospitable, but this hotel takes it to the next level. The Hotel Parchi del Garda is a ten-minute drive from a local theme park, which is already pretty great if you’re a kid. On top of 233 standard hotel rooms, the guesthouse also offers four themed children’s rooms complete with insane animations that project onto the walls, bringing the room to life. One room has a talking parrot, and another has a cave face that tells adventure stories. When kids get bored of those things, they can check out the kid friendly dances, games and shows that the hotel hosts every day.

3 Prison

Prison Hotel

The problem with being on vacation is that you have too much freedom and happiness. This hotel will happily take those things away from you. For some reason that I cannot understand, a hotel exists in Bangkok called the Sook Station. It is a prison-themed hotel where guests can feel like they are serving time instead of enjoying themselves. On arrival, each guest is given black and white pyjama uniforms and their mugshot is taken. After curfew, the hotel has a strict ‘lights out’ policy. However, unlike regular prisons, the hotel has a rooftop hot tub and guests can come and go as they please.

2 Kenya

Mount Kenya Hotel

In a country with such a beautiful landscape and climate, it makes sense that this hotel lets you sleep outdoors. The Loisaba Tented Camp takes full advantage of the idyllic Kenyan views with their open-air hotel and lodges. Without doors and walls, guests can see the vast horizon all the way out to Mount Kenya. The hotel reopened after a large bush fire decimated much of the local conservancy. It can be found in the Laikipia plateau, a dynamic ecosystem of bush, plains and all sorts of wildlife. The location is a safari tourist’s dream.

1 Proposal

The Proposal Zurich Hotel

Everything about this German bed and breakfast is super edgy. The Proposal is not just a guesthouse; it’s an operating art gallery and collective. By spending a night in The Proposal, guests are invited to participate in the process of running an art gallery and making contemporary art. One of the artworks that guests can find in the space is a giant inflatable body stuffed into the lobby. The rotation of shows means that residents can contribute to the development of the exhibitions. Or they could just check out the sites in the local city, Zurich.

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