15 Bizarre Things Made From Human Body

What product was once made from ground-up mummies? Why would a wallet cost 14 thousand dollars? Prepare your stomachs, because here are 15 things made from parts of actual human beings.

15 The Sedlec Ossuary

The Sedlec Ossuary Made from Human

This place is better known as the “Church of Bones. You can probably see why. It dates back to when it was a 12th-century monastery in the Czech Republic, but the current arrangement of bones was only commissioned in 1870. The church contains the remains of about 40 thousand people, and the chandelier is made from at least one of every bone in the human body.

14 Leather

Leather Wallet Made from Human

The people who make human leather say it’s perfectly legal because it comes from voluntary donors, who donate their skin just as an organ donor would. The question is, should it be? No wait, there’s a better question. Who is buying the 14 thousand dollar wallet made from human skin? Supposedly human leather is exceptionally high quality, but… it’s HUMAN SKIN.

13 Tooth Jewelry

Tooth Jewelry

Forget diamonds and pearls. It’s time for bling made out of teeth. Except that they’re kind of horrifying. And ugly. But while a set of toothy brass knuckles may not be the most necessary set of jewelry, you have to admit it would suck to get hit by them.

12 Fuel from Fat

Fuel from Fat

One of the problems with liposuction is figuring out how to deal with the waste. It’s literally sucking fat out of a human’s body, so what do you do with it then? Well, some people have figured out it would be a good idea to make biodiesel fuel from it. And this is actually a feasible fuel option, if it were widely adopted. It’s not like we don’t have enough fat.

11 A Tiananmen Square Model

A Tiananmen Square Model

If you grow your hair out enough, you can donate it when you get it cut. Alternatively, you can go to this guy, and have him make models of famous buildings. And now that he’s perfected the art of sculpting discarded hair, he wants to start making portraits of his clients out of hair.

10 Books

books with human skin bindings

Hey, we’re back to human leather. Only now it’s not some shady company in the UK making belts and wallets. It’s a huge portion of Europe, making book bindings up until the 19th century. This was such a common practice, books with human skin bindings are still being discovered in historical libraries all over the world.

9 Stool Transplants

Fecal bacteria sample

It’s called fecal microbiota transplantation. It’s a medical procedure in which you get a treatment made from someone else’s shit, to make your shit healthier. And it works. Some people don’t have a certain type of bacteria that helps keep your bowels moving normally. But that’s really beside the point. It’s… it’s a SHIT TRANSPLANT.

8 Gelatin


Science is about to make us all unintentional cannibals. Apparently there is a way to add human DNA to gelatin to make it more stable, safer, and capable of mass production. At least that’s what they say. It’s not like people have to die to make it, but we may soon be looking at Jell-O made from human DNA… so enjoy!

7 Blood Sculptures

Blood Sculptures

Marc Quinn gives blood regularly. He gives it to himself. For art. It takes five months for him to have enough blood as he needs extracted without killing himself. And when he gets it, he makes these: blood sculptures. This one is a mold of his own head. Filled with his extracted blood.

6 Sunglasses

Sunglasses  made from human hair

These look like regular sunglasses, but they’re made from human hair. Why? How? Don’t sweat the small stuff. The frames are made of hair so as to be completely biodegradable, but the lenses are normal. And honestly, you’d never really know by looking at them.

5 Masato


Ancient cultures around the world figured out something very important about developing alcohol. Saliva helps things ferment into alcohol much faster. Masato is a South American drink from Colombia and Peru that is made from chewed up and spit out yuca plant. Supposedly it’s really good, if you like to have someone spit alcohol in your mouth.

4 Paint

Mummy brown Paint

There’s a shade of paint known as mummy brown, and it really just looks like a normal brown. But historically, the name “mummy brown” is taken quite literally. It was historically made from ground up mummies. “Mummy brown” is still a color you can find today, but obviously it’s not made from ground up human remains anymore.

3 Household Items

Making tools out of human bones

This is sort of broad, but it should be. Making tools out of human bones is something people did regularly throughout time. From weapons to kitchen utensils, people even dating back to Neanderthals crafted tools out of human remains – often deceased family members.

2 Fertility Drugs

Fertility Drugs

There are a number of drugs that helps with fertility. Many help women conceive or carry children easier. Some even help with the male side of fertility. And many of them are made with urine. Human urine. Specifically, the urine of post-menopausal women. In fact, some of the earliest versions of these drugs were made from gallons of urine collected from old nuns. This was, of course, all done with the Pope’s blessing.

1 The Apex Predator

The Apex Predator

Forget a piece of jewelry, or a belt, or some sunglasses. How about an entire suit made from human products? We’re talking about a suit made from human hair, shoes lined with dentures for the soles, even glass eyes. It’s a statement about humans being at the top of the food chain… somehow? Really, it’s just a weird suit-slash-art piece that’s for people who, for whatever reason, feel like they want to wear a suit made out of people.

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