15 Secrets McDonald’s Employees Don’t Want You To Know

How are you accidentally annoying the crap out of your local McDonald’s worker? How can you get a Big Mac for about a third the normal price? From food hacks to pet peeves, we run down 15 things a McDonald’s employee would never tell you themselves.

15 Drive-Thru is the Top Priority

Drive-Thru is the Top Priority

Let’s say you really want a Quarter Pounder, and you’ve decided to dine in. But just as you order yours, someone in the drive-thru orders one as well. If there’s only one left, guess who gets it? Not you. You’re already in the store, which means you’re not in a big hurry. They’re going to give it to the person waiting to hit the gas and go home.

14 Shameless Child Marketing

Mcdonald's Shameless Child Marketing

A huge part of McDonalds’ business strategy lies in getting kids to scream at their parents until they break down and buy them a Happy Meal. It’s not even really a secret. That’s the whole point of serving a Happy Meal with a toy, and advertising it during cartoons. Speaking of which…

13 Happy Meals are a Pain

Mcdonald's Happy Meals are a Pain

It’s fast food, so it’s not like making a Happy Meal is like asking them to build a house from scratch. But it’s easy enough to order a “number 1 meal with a Coke.” They know exactly what to do. But you order a Happy Meal, and they have to know if you want a hamburger, cheeseburger or nuggets? French fries or apple slices? What to drink? Boy toy or girl toy? Once you have all that established, they get to build the special Happy Meal boxes instead of just using a bag.

12 Ordering “No Salt” Fries

Mcdonald's Ordering “No Salt” Fries

If you order your fries with no salt, the employees are going to look at you like you just shot them in the leg. They’ll do it, but it means they have to make a whole new batch of fries, just for you. They also have to clean off every single piece of equipment to do it, since it’s basically all covered in salt. And it’s not just the employees that’ll hate you for it. You’re probably delaying the orders of about a dozen other people while they do all that.

11 Discount Big Macs

Mcdonald's Discount Big Macs

The Big Mac, the signature burger at McDonald’s for decades, usually costs around 4 dollars. The McDouble, on the other hand, can usually be found on the value menu for about a dollar-fifty. Order your McDouble without ketchup or mustard, but add lettuce and Big Mac sauce. Sometimes you might get charged a quarter for the substitution, but usually you don’t. What you now have is everything that comes on a Big Mac, except for the middle bun and the sesame seeds. Seriously, they’re identical sandwiches, and you saved two or three dollars.

10 Figure Out Your Order Before You Order

Mcdonald's Figure Out Your Order Before You Order

This would technically be something McDonald’s employees DO want you to know. What they DON’T want you to know is how annoyed they are by indecisive customers. When you wait in line only to get up to the counter and THEN start thinking about what you want, you make everyone behind you wait longer. And then THEY will start getting snippy with the employees.

9 McDonald’s is Open on All Holidays

McDonald’s is Open on All Holidays

A few years ago, McDonald’s quietly sent out a memo to all of its franchises to stay open on Christmas Day. That was the last thing keeping them from a full 365-day schedule. Worst part is, employees don’t even get paid extra for working on holidays.

8 Lots of Stuff is Put in a Microwave

Mcdonald's Lots of Stuff is Put in a Microwave

McDonald’s is adamant about telling customers that their meat is grilled, not microwaved. But there are some things put in the “Q-ing” oven, which employees describe as a glorified microwave. Buns were once one of these things, as are the eggs used in breakfast burritos, and a number of other things.

7 They HATE Serving All-Day Breakfast

Mcdonald's HATE Serving All-Day Breakfast

Transitioning from breakfast food to lunch food means basically transforming the entire kitchen. That’s why you weren’t able to get breakfast at 11:30 until recently. But now, some breakfast items are available all day… which means anytime you order a McGriddle at 7 pm, they have to switch that stuff back over just to make you one thing. Or, more likely, they’ll just microwave it and not tell you.

6 About “Meat Blending”

Mcdonald's Meat Blending

First things first, yes, McDonalds beef is actually real beef. Actual, real beef from real cows. But McDonald’s using blending techniques to make both their beef patties and chicken nuggets, that basically throw a bunch of meat together and blend it up so that it’s uniform. Then they form it into whatever shapes they need. So the thing is, your burger probably has meat from about 100 different cows in it.

5 They Know About the Secret Menu

Mcdonald's Know About the Secret Menu

There are a bunch of secret menu concoctions you can put together with the McDonald’s menu. And yes, the employees probably know about them and can do them. They’ve tried a bunch of weird stuff themselves. But don’t go up to the counter and order a McGangBang. Just buy a McChicken and a McDouble and put it together yourself.

4 30 Seconds from Frozen to Served

Mcdonald's 30 Seconds from Frozen to Served

McDonald’s cares very much about the “fast” element of “fast food.” They have a literal number of seconds it should take from the time you order food to the time you get it. As a result, your beef patties go straight from the deep freeze to the grill, to in your hands in burger form in about a minute flat. The patties themselves take only about 30 seconds to cook from frozen to done. By the way, “flipping burgers at McDonald’s” isn’t a thing anymore. Their grills cook on both sides simultaneously.

3 “Healthy” Options are Worse For you

Mcdonald's “Healthy” Options are Worse For you

A quick heads-up: just because something is called a “salad” doesn’t mean it’s good for you. The Kale Caesar Salad with Crispy Chicken has more calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium than a BIG MAC. Meanwhile, their oatmeal is loaded down with sugar and cream. It has more calories and sugar than a full-size Snickers bar.

2 Employees Get to Eat Leftovers – Sometimes

Mcdonald's Employees Get to Eat Leftovers

Most of the time, food can only hold for so long before it has to be thrown in the trash can. The amount of perfectly good food wasted in a day at any given food establishment is staggering. But sometimes, when the day is over and there’s a bunch left, employees can get away with taking home some of the leftover stock.

1 They Don’t Actually Mess with your

Mcdonald's They Don’t Actually Mess with your

Food… Usually Search Google right now, and you’ll see countless stories of people getting caught
spitting in customers’ food. But for every one of those, there are millions of others who simply don’t have the time or the will to even think about it. If you’re a rude customer, all they want is to get rid of you as quickly as possible. The worst you might get is a burger smashed down a little too much, or a little more ice in your drink.

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