15 Unusual Apps You Won’t believe Exist

How many apps are geared to giving you a fake girlfriend? What app exists solely to rate how nice your butt is? Some are useful, some are just stupid, but here are 15 of the weirdest smartphone apps you can find.

15 Cuddlr


Cuddling is a growing market. Obviously, people want sex, and there are plenty of apps for finding that. But sometimes they just want someone to cuddle with. That’s where Cuddlr omes in. Cuddlr is basically Tinder, except that instead of finding someone to have sex with, it finds you someone to snuggle up with and maybe take a nap. 14 Places I’ve Pooped In case you really want to keep a record of all the different places you’ve pooped, you can download Places I’ve Pooped. What does it sound like it’s for? Yeah, that’s what it’s for. Instead of checking in to a spot on Facebook, you just open this app up and drop a pin wherever you drop… other things.

14 Places I’ve Pooped

Places I’ve Pooped App

In case you really want to keep a record of all the different places you’ve pooped, you can download Places I’ve Pooped. What does it sound like it’s for? Yeah, that’s what it’s for. Instead of checking in to a spot on Facebook, you just open this app up and drop a pin wherever you drop… other things.

13 Hire Me Plz

Hire Me Plz App

Dating is hard in China, where men outnumber women by a huge ratio. So apps like Hire Me Plz have popped up as a way to literally hire dates. You know how you get super lonely being single on Valentine’s Day, and you just want some companionship? Hire Me Plz is the app for that in China. It’s more of an app for hiring fake girlfriends than finding real dates, though.

12 Is it dark outside?

Is it dark outside App

Do you need to know if it’s dark outside, but don’t have access to, you know, a WINDOW? For some reason, there is actually an app for that. It just gives you a yes or no answer.

11 RunPee

RunPee App

For some people, it’s simply too much to ask to sit down and watch a 2-hour movie without having to run to the bathroom and pee. There are a lot of heavily-advertised prescription drugs for that problem. But there is also RunPee, the app that tells you when are the best times during a movie to run out for a quick pee without missing too much.

10 Butt Analyzer

Butt Analyzer App

Just as it sounds, the Butt Analyzer is an app that analyzes butts. You take a picture of a butt with this app, the app rates the butt’s effectiveness on a scale from 1 to 10, then you share it on social media. So… that’s a thing, if you want it.

9 Hangtime

Hangtime App

You might think this is for measuring your jumping ability. But no. This app measures your PHONE’s hangtime. As in, the amount of time is stays in the air. You use the app by throwing your phone up in the air and catching it. The phone tracks how many times it spins in the air, and how long it stays airborne. So if you feel like playing catch with your 700 dollar phone that shatters when you breathe on it wrong, here is a 99-cent app that helps you put your phone at extreme risk for no reason.

8 IAmAMan

IAmAMan App

This is an app that tracks women’s periods. You might be wondering, “why would that kind of app be called “I Am a Man?” Well, it’s all about intent. IAmAMan is an app for shameless players who are stringing along multiple women at the same time. With this app, they can add all of the women they’re playing, and know when they’re on their periods so they know when to avoid seeing them for sex.

7 Carrr Matey

Carrr Matey App

Unlike many of these, Carrr Matey is actually useful it’s an app for remembering where you’ve parked. Thing is, it has a pirate theme laid over the whole thing. Your car is your “vessel.” The parking space is your “dock,” and parking there is known as “dropping anchor.” Aside from that, it’s a totally normal “find my car” app.

6 Honey It’s Me!

Honey, it’s me App

South Korea also has a large contingent of lonely single men. And for them, they don’t even have to hire fake girlfriends who are real people. They can just download “Honey, it’s me!” This app connects them with a girl named Mina who is in her 20’s and also who doesn’t exist. A Korean model posed for a series of video calls, and recorded over 100 voice lines that sound like they might come from a girlfriend. It got about 80 thousand downloads during its first couple of weeks.

5 Merlin Bird ID

Merlin Bird ID App

This is an app for identifying birds. Literally. If you’re looking at a bird, and wondering, “huh, I wonder what kind of bird that is?” No problem. Open up Merlin Bird ID, answer about five questions about the bird you’re looking at. The app finds your bird, and you look smart to all your bird-ignorant friends.

4 PhotoMath

PhotoMath App

Most phones these days come with a calculator pre-installed. But once you get into complex algebra, you can’t just plug things into your arithmetic calculator and get an answer. Photomath, however, allows you to take a picture of a math problem. And not only will it solve the problem, it will give you step-by-step instructions of exactly how to do it. Math teachers used to tell students they wouldn’t always have a calculator on hand. They must feel pretty silly now.

3 Yo!

Yo App

This is an app that was literally launched as an April Fools’ Day joke. It got seven million downloads, and its only function was sending the word “Yo!” to a friend. Now the developers are trying to make it into something that’s actually useful, by turning it into a full content-sharing platform. But… people only downloaded it so that they could send a “Yo!” to other people.

2 Sausage Legend

Sausage Legend App

Sausage Legend is a fighting game. And in it, you slap wieners together. You start off with a modest hot dog. But eventually, you’ll unlock bratwurst, beef jerky, cocktail wieners, and even chorizo. The object of the game is to have your wiener and your opponent’s wiener slap each other until one of them explodes.

1 Cloak

Cloak App

Have you ever gotten one of those kinda creepy Facebook notifications that tells you that one of your friends is nearby, and asks if you want to contact them? Well, Cloak is sort of like the opposite of that. Cloak tracks the social media data of your friends and your non-friends to give you an idea of where they are. That way, you can avoid them. Because sometimes introverts just don’t have it in them to deal with people even people they like.

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