17 Ideas How To Make A Girl Like You

17 Ideas To Make A Girl Like You

17 Listen To Her

Listen when she speaks to you and engage when you guys have an actual conversation. Women love conversing about all sorts of topics and showing your interest and attention when she talks to you is definitely something that she notices. Girls can tell when a guy is tuning them out or if you’re bored. This makes them feel that they’re unimportant or that you don’t really care. Listening to her when she talks about her feelings or when she needs to vent will definitely make her appreciate you.

16 Tease Her

Your first reaction may be to hold back when you guys are talking or hanging out in fear that you might offend her with something you say. But don’t be scared to disagree with her over a few opinions in a playful way. You can tease her that your favorite sports team won instead of hers or tease her taste in music. But make it in a way where you’re joking, and you guys can both share a chuckle together. By turning the conversation into something humorous and flirtatious, it sheds good light, and she’ll feel relaxed and will be more attracted to you.

15 Give Her Your Attention

When you guys are together, give her some attention by keeping your eyes focused on her and making her feel that you’re paying attention to her. Checking a text message here and there is okay. But if you constantly have your phone out, cut her off, or your eyes wander the room, this is something she’ll definitely notice and won’t forget. This makes girls feel that they’re unimportant and it’ll create an awkward moment for both you.

14 Remember The Little Details

Whether it’s favorite movie or the fact that she doesn’t like pickles on her burger; remembering these little details can go a long way. She’ll be impressed with your listening and observant skills. It may seem difficult in the beginning to keep track of everything, but it’ll make her appreciative and attracted to you because most guys get a bad rep for having selective hearing. So remembering the little details about her is a good way to her heart.

13 Compliment Her

Everyone woman enjoys compliments, and it doesn’t have to be something outrageous either. If she went to the salon or bought a new pair of shoes, take some time and compliment her. You could say something simple like, “That shirt looks awesome on you,” or “I love your hair.” Not only will it give her butterflies inside but it’ll make her feel great that you’ve noticed something about her as well. No compliment big or small will go unnoticed!

12 Get To Know Her Friends

Even if she already likes you, the deal isn’t entirely sealed until her girlfriends approve of you. Some girls can be really critical of their friend’s dates because they’re only looking out for them and want what’s best for them. If she’s been in a bad relationship before, her friends will be quick to look for negative traits in you. By getting to know her friends, it shows that you’re genuine and that she’s in good hands. If the girl you like sees that her friends approve of you, then it’ll make her like you even more!

11 Make An Impression

If you play the guitar, speak a foreign language or know how to surf, then definitely let her know! Showcasing your skills or talents make you stand out and highlighting them will make you appear dynamic to her. side from telling her about your unique skills, you can also show her as actions do speak louder than words. If you play music, invite her to one of your gigs or if you’re an artist then show her one of your paintings. If you really want to set the bar, you can also teach her as well. Show her a few chords on the guitar or paint something together!

10 Hang Out Together

The best way to get to know someone and their interests are to hang out with them. Do something interactive together like hiking, playing a sport or grab a bite to eat. Avoid movies as this doesn’t leave much room for you guys to talk. You’ll earn bonus points if you also suggest new things to do together, especially if it’s outside her comfort zone or something thrilling. For example, bungee jumping or skydiving are exciting activities to try together. Just make sure she’s okay with it first hand before you try anything daring.

9 Make Her Laugh

A sense of humor is always high up on a girl’s list, so you can show you’re easy going and fun by crack a joke or telling a funny story. Talk about an embarrassing moment or the first time you tried snowboarding, and you fell. When you poke fun at yourself, it shows her that you’re comfortable in your own skin and comfortable with her as well. Not only is this a great way to break the ice with you guys, but it also shows that you’re a good sport and can pull through a troubled situation with a positive attitude!

8 Be Confident

To be clear, this doesn’t mean you have to come off as cocky. But conveying outgoing confidence is something that she’ll note in her book. Little things like speaking with a strong, sure voice, smiling and being humble exudes attractive qualities that will lure her in. Being certain shows that you are comfortable in your skin and are put together. Positive body image and appearance in being confident can go a long way and will definitely resonate with her when she thinks about you.

7 Live Your Own Life

IF you have a job, are going to school, have hobbies and friends, don’t put them off for her. A woman will take immediate notice if you come off too clingy or too dependent, which can be a big turn off. Nobody likes it when someone is always shadowing them or exuding neediness. Remember that a relationship should complement both of you, not complete you. Knowing what you want to do in life and fulfilling your goals shows her that you’re well put together and that you know what you want in life.

6 Have Motivation

Life can be difficult at times. Being career driven or passionate in your life can set you apart in the dating game. Having motivation in your life can be inspirational and contagious in many ways. Most girls are attracted to guys who have a good head on their shoulders and who have a good mindset. Plus if you know how to take care of yourself and your home, then girls feel a lot better knowing that you can take care of them too.

5 Start Off Slow

Most girls like to take things slow and see how things will develop further down the road. If you rush her too much, she could end up feeling too overwhelmed or demanded in a relationship and leave. By starting off slow, it gives both of you room to grow and blossom together. Just remember, taking it slow takes time! his means you have to have patience as it’ll be awhile until things unfold. Not only will she open up on her own terms but she’ll feel comfortable knowing that you guys can move at a steady pace without feeling scared to rush into a serious commitment.

4 Be Romantic

Creating magical moments with small acts is an excellent way to catch her attention and make her like you. You don’t have to get too crazy, but every woman loves a guy who can be romantic. Whether you cook her a nice meal or take her out for a night of stargazing, these little romantic instances are something that will resonate with her and make you stand out among other guys. Not only will it get her heart beating, but it creates a level of personal intimacy with both of you that will make her like you on a dating level.

3 Learn About Her Interests And Hobbies

By showing an interest in her hobbies and activities shows that you’re interested in her and she’ll be sure to remember that. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to love everything she does, but showing some efforting and trying out these things with her will make her appreciate you even more! And just know it’s also okay to have different hobbies and different interests as well as long as you guys can compromise. This just shows that you’re open to trying out her favorite things and it’s a good way to spend quality time together.

2 Make Her Feel Special

It doesn’t take much to make a woman feel special, and small gestures like giving her flowers and buying her chocolates can really brighten up her day and make her feel appreciated. Deep down, we all want to feel special and unique to our significant others, and even though these things sound cheesy, it gives you a better chance of hitting it off. By making her feel like she’s valuable, she’ll feel security and closeness with you.

1 Show Your Support

Showing your support lets her know that you genuinely care about her. There are many ways to show your support, whether it’s emotionally or physically, this is a way that will bring you guys together! Whether you give words of encouragement or help her out with a big work project, it’ll make her feel seen, heard and understood. Not only is this a good foundation to an excellent start but it shows that you’re reliable and caring.

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