Top 10 Most Common Reasons Why Couples Divorce

What couple got a divorce over a Disney movie? How exactly did a man lose his wife in a bet? These are 10 of the most common reasons Couples ended up getting divorced.

10 Obsessive Cleaning

Obsessive Cleaning

It sounds weird until you actually hear what happened. I mean, it’s a good thing when the man in a relationship is clean and tidy, right? Well, the German couple sets a new bar for how clean is too clean. The man in question here cleaned obsessively throughout 15 years of marriage, regularly doing chores around the house and re-arranging the furniture. And his wife was fine with that. Maybe a little put-off by it, but mostly fine. The breaking point was when a wall got dirty. What did the guy do, clean the wall with bleach? No. He knocked out the wall and rebuilt it. That was the point where his wife figured maybe his cleaning fetish was a little too much.

9 Winning the Lottery

Winning the Lottery

A California woman filed for divorce after 25 years of marriage, for reasons that weren’t especially clear at first. Her husband had thought they had a happy marriage. It turns out that the woman had won 1.3 million dollars in the California lottery less than two weeks before filing for divorce, and conveniently didn’t tell anybody. She was trying to file for divorce so she wouldn’t have to share her winnings, but the plan backfired. The courts found out she’d violated state law by failing to disclose her new winnings. As a result, she was ordered to give every penny of her lottery winnings to her now ex-husband.

8 Makeup Washes Off

Young Woman Washing Her Face

In the United Arab Emirates, a man reportedly divorced his wife immediately after the first time he saw her without makeup. The woman apparently wore heavy makeup, but also had colored contacts and several cosmetic procedures. The couple had already been married for several months, until taking a quick swim at the beach. The woman’s makeup had been washed off from the swim. The man claims he didn’t even recognize his wife. He filed for divorce, and denied all attempts to reconcile the marriage.

7 They Were Already Divorced

They Were Already Divorced

It’s always a bit suspicious when there’s an age gap of 31 years between husband and wife. Apparently, Gabriel Villa agreed, and took a sneaky route to protecting his assets. He was 70 when he married his 39-year-old wife in New York. And four months later, he filed divorce papers in the Dominican Republic. He hired lawyers for both sides, and cited “incompatibility of temperament” as the reason for the divorce. But he never told his wife, and then went on to live together and raise a son with her for 20 years before she found out.

6 He Was Too Nice

He Was Too Nice

This is a real thing that played out on an episode of Divorce Court. A woman filed for divorce from her husband, literally because he was too nice. Apparently, she just couldn’t deal with her husband smothering her by doing things like telling her he loved her twice a week, and cooking for her when she was hungry. According to her, she considered these things to be “like stalker-ish nice.”

5 Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

As erotic fiction goes, 50 Shades of Grey is one of the highest-profile releases ever, and women around the world have taken notice. One British women read the book and thought it sounded like fun, so she bought some lingerie and tried to recreate one of the scenarios from the book. It didn’t go well. Her husband wasn’t into it, and she decided she wasn’t into him. She claimed that his “boring attitude” towards sex proved his “unreasonable behaviour.” And he admitted to it, just to move the divorce along faster.

4 Not Making it Facebook Official

Not Making Facebook official

An Indian woman filed for divorce barely two months after tying the knot, because she didn’t feel she could trust him. After all, he still hadn’t changed his Facebook status to “married.” After two whole months! Now, maybe there were deeper trust issues at play here. Maybe he refused to change his Facebook status, and maybe they had some prior issues. But the story as we know it is that a woman divorced her husband over a Facebook status.

3 A Card Game

A Card Game

Andrei Karpov was playing a game of cards, and apparently it wasn’t going well. He ran out of money, and did what any reasonable person would do: he quit and went home. Oh wait, no he didn’t. He bet his wife on his next hand, and lost. Now, obviously, men don’t own their wives, so she could easily have said no. But upon finding out that her husband had literally bet her in a card game, she immediately left him… and ended up marrying the man who had won her in the game anyway.

2 Too Much Sex

Too Much Sex

An Indian man was granted a divorce because he couldn’t keep up with his wife’s “excessive and insatiable desire” for sex. Apparently, she demanded satisfaction regardless of whether he wanted it or not, forcing him to take supplements and alcohol to keep up with her. She even demanded he have sex with her while he was recovering from appendicitis. It got to be too much, so he requested a divorce. She never appeared at the divorce hearing, so we don’t know the other side of the story.

1 Frozen


A Japanese woman sat down with her husband to watch Frozen, and was curious to know what he thought of it afterwards. His reaction was something along the lines of “eh, it was okay, I guess.” That was all she needed to know. To her, the relationship was over right then and there. She determined that if he couldn’t see why Frozen was so great, there must be something wrong with him on a core level. So she left him.

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